Why we believe it is such a good idea to boost innovation... February 07, 2012

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In 2010 we had two unthinkable insights: 
  1. The world is going mad.
  2. Too many business may be already obsolete ... most jobs depend on those companies. 
The world is going mad...was a scenario we got from Marty Neumeier: 
"…customers control the company, jobs are avenues of self-expression, 
the barriers to competition are out of control, advertising drives customers away, stability is fantasy, imagination beats knowledge, and empathy trounces logic…
The question is… whether you can change your business fast enough to take full advantage of it".

For us this really means we need to move away from totally rational decision making processes, be more adventurous and start looking at synergies we haven't thought before! 

What do you think?

Too many business may be already obsolete...
But we depend on these for most jobs and most revenue streams around us. As unemployment raises we believe we have to rediscover new formulas that make use of what exists - just mix it in new ways. There is nothing wrong with start-ups, but it just feels much better to get there by using what we already have, in new ways. 

Those new ways of combining totally disconnected ideas and assets, we call it intersectional innovation: imagine a small van, that collects unwanted clothing from your door, processes those fabrics into new pieces of furniture co-designed by Swatch and final users at a facebook group, and delivers those at the end of the journey ready to sell at the new community-cafe?   
How cool is that?

Written by:
Maria Ana, The Curious Mind @ The Thinking Hotel

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