Recap of Change Play Business Lisbon

The Thinking Hotel have partnered up with business training/management consultancy, Sintese Azul in Oeiras, Portugal to deliver one of the most successful Change Play Business™ events ever on  14 & 15 July, 2011

Change Play Business | Part 1 of 3
Interviews with facilitators and experts

Interviewees (in order of appearance):
Erik De Wild @lesouvage — Municipality of Assen, Holland
John Boult — Director of Product First Ltd., United Kingdom
Zoe Fitzgerald — Diversity Consultant & Facilitator, Braziil
Nick De Mey @nickdemey Co-Founder of Board of Innovation, Belgium
Susana Branco @susanaembranco— Co-Founder of A Cooperativa Criativa, Portugal

Change Play Business | Part 2 of 3
Interviews with experts and players


Kene Umaeasiegbu — CSR Partners LLP 
United Kingdom

Change Play Business | Part 3 of 3

Interviews with players and host partner Sintese Azul

Pedro Carvalho — MCG Mind For Metal, Portugal
Antonio Chanoca — Sintese Azul, Portugal


Interviews conducted by:
Olga Casademunt @ideaol 
The Idea Inspector, The Thinking Hotel

All videos are produced by:
Eugenie Fung